Lux Escapade with Raahul Kapoor

Raahul is the paramount of Luxury and one of the few success stories you definitely would want to hear about. He has an extensive list of interests and skills. He co-founded The India Cigar Club and Excedo Luxuria. He is also one of the directors of Only Luxury Consultancy and LuxuryFacts.

Raahul's focal strengths include Business Management and Business Recovery. He has profitable experience in over 8 various industry sectors and 15 geographic markets. Raahul believes that investing in or acquiring a luxury brand is risk that is taken by only those who are passionate about luxury and his risk taking personality built his successful career.

What to expect?

Hear the tales about the city of Queen Elizabeth - London, where he spent a major part of his life. Learn about the important considerations while valuing a luxury item and gain insights on managing and acquiring a business which deals with Luxury Goods and Services with Raahul and his expertise in the industry of Luxury.

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