Lost in Wanderlust with Aditi Balbir

Ever heard about Eco-tourism? Well Aditi here is the just the right person to brief you all about it. Aditi Balbir is promoting ecotourism through her next venture in Veekends.com. Her love for travel inspired her to enter into the hospitality industry. She was always keen to explore out of the ordinary places and connect with locals. Veekends.com is built on a sustainable platform and offers experiences in the most natural and untouched parts of India. Her idea was able to create jobs worth tons of money and some other benefits included women’s empowerment, skilling and training, local craft revival, economic opportunity, and reverse migration.  

Aditi also has valuable experience with Finance, Scaling and Startups. She has launched and coached the young women's leadership program and is an inspiration and guide to women entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas.

What to expect?

Get mentored and advised for your start-up with Aditi. She has some extensive hands-on experience in Investment as well, which is another great opportunity for you to gain knowledge on topics of Finance and Angel Investments. Well then you never know, you just might get a chance to spend a vacation via Veekends.com! #GetSustainable with Aditi.

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